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The population of Niasvizh District is 39142, of this urban population is 19334 (49,4%), rural population is 19808 (50,6%). The children population is 7909 (20,2%). The able-bodied population is 20152 (51,5%), over-able-bodied population is 11081 (28,3%), of this over-80s is 1849 (4.7%).

Health services are provided by health care institution "Niasvizhskaya Central District Hospital" which includes Niasvizhskaya Central District Hospital with the out-patient clinic for 430 visits per shift and maternity welfare centre for 25 visits per shift, Gorodeyskaya city hospital for 80 cots with the out-patient clinic for 200 visits per shift, 8 outpatient departments with the total capacity of 380 visits per shift, 7 of them work on the principle of a general practitioner. The total capacity of institutions is 1,035 visits per shift. Medical and preventive treatment institution includes 17 feldsher-midwife stations.

Rural outpatient clinics and Gorodeyskaya city hospital are provided with sufficient quantity of physiotherapeutical and dental equipment, ECG recorders (there is possibility to remotely transfer of electrocardiograms to Central District Hospital).

X-ray, endoscopic and ultrasonic examinations are performed in Niasvizhskaya Central District Hospital,  Gorodeyskaya city hospital and Snovskaya outpatient clinic.

There are 9 in-patient departments with a capacity of 281 cots in Niasvizhskaya Central District Hospital, and 3 in-patient departments for 85 cots in Gorodeyskaya city hospital. The total hospital stock of the institution is 366 cots.

The following interdistrict departments operate in Niasvizhskaya Central District Hospital: urology department for 40 cots, dialysis department for 6 dialysis places, blood transfusion department, and mammography room. There is a rehabilitation department for 30 cots in Gorodeyskaya city hospital. Interdistrict departments provide service to population of Kletsk, Kopyl, Stolbtsy, Uzda districts.

Technologies substituting in-patient clinic have been implemented: day in-patient departments in the out-patient clinic for 52 cots, in in-patient departments for 18 cots, "one day" surgery.

Great work on upgrading of facilities is conducted, up-to-date diagnostic and treatment techniques are implemented, possibilities for skills training are developed, and modern information technology is used by doctors.

Medical care is provided to population by 124 doctors, 438 health care professionals with secondary-level medical education, 369 persons of management-administrative and housekeeping-service staff.

Categorizing of doctors is 75,0%, including 17 doctors with the highest category (18,3%), categorizing of nursing staff is 78,7%. Doctors’ medical service density is 31,7 for 10 thousand persons; nursing staff service density is 111.9.


Effective leadership means the ability to share own position with regard to the questions with others, motivate others to achieve the desired goals, i.e. manage with people rather than by people. Administration of health care institution "Niasvizhskaya Central District Hospital" is: Physician-in-chief Ludmila Vasilyevna Kveten, Deputy Physician-in-chief for health services Galina Alexandrovna Sikiritskaya, Deputy Physician-in-chief for treatment issues Boris Nikolaevich Khorokhorin.

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